Top 5 Crazy Computer Tips

Top 5 Crazy Computer Tips



When it comes to computer tips, it is clearer than water that there are many, but there are 5, in particular, that are considered to be ‘crazy,’ as they can definitely help you make the most of your computer use (below).


Look for Hidden Features

A lot of people spend years utilizing their computers, without knowing about the features that it has, which is definitely a big no-no. You can be missing out on features that can help you in different aspects. You can find them in Windows’ registry or in OS X’s terminal. Don’t let them go to waste! Other great places to find secret features are Ubuntu Tweak, OnyX for Mac, and Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Speed-up Slow Connection

If your Internet connection is slow, there are a few things that you can do in order to boost its speed. For one, you should go ahead and uncheck ‘show images’ under the tab ‘advanced’ on Internet Options. By doing so, no images will be download on the websites that you go to, making pages load at a faster pace. You should also disable sounds and videos, as this will help your pages load even faster. You should also download the fastest web browser available. At the moment, you should opt for either Chrome or Opera. Studies indicate that these two are the fastest browsers right now, which is why millions of people around the globe are putting them to use every day to conduct a variety of different online activities. Just in case you were not aware, they are 100% free.

Disk Cleanup

You should cleanup your disks in order to make more room on your computer. After the cleanup is conducted, you will be shown a variety of different files that can be deleted in order for there to be more space. You click on the ones that you want to delete and that’s all. You will notice that your Internet speed will boost if you opt for your computer to undergo disk cleanup.

Keep Software Updated

A lot of users tend to ignore software update notifications for a long time. By doing this, the only thing that will come to rise is that of you not being able to see certain websites. Site owners are always on the hunt for the newest technology that is out there in order to upgrade their site with it. If you are not up-to-date, you will not be able to take advantage of what a lot of sites have to offer. As soon as you notice that a message pops-up, indicating that there is a new version of a software, update it as soon as possible. Do not wait!

Keep Computer in Cold Space

A lot of people forget this, but it is important to keep a computer in a cold space so that it can function rapidly and adequately every time. Warm spaces only make computers run slow.

Put Tips to the Test!

The previously mentioned tips can definitely make the most of your computer. Put them to the test so that you can see for yourself!