Top 5 Crazy Computer Tips

Top 5 Crazy Computer Tips



When it comes to computer tips, it is clearer than water that there are many, but there are 5, in particular, that are considered to be ‘crazy,’ as they can definitely help you make the most of your computer use (below).


Look for Hidden Features

A lot of people spend years utilizing their computers, without knowing about the features that it has, which is definitely a big no-no. You can be missing out on features that can help you in different aspects. You can find them in Windows’ registry or in OS X’s terminal. Don’t let them go to waste! Other great places to find secret features are Ubuntu Tweak, OnyX for Mac, and Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

Speed-up Slow Connection

If your Internet connection is slow, there are a few things that you can do in order to boost its speed. For one, you should go ahead and uncheck ‘show images’ under the tab ‘advanced’ on Internet Options. By doing so, no images will be download on the websites that you go to, making pages load at a faster pace. You should also disable sounds and videos, as this will help your pages load even faster. You should also download the fastest web browser available. At the moment, you should opt for either Chrome or Opera. Studies indicate that these two are the fastest browsers right now, which is why millions of people around the globe are putting them to use every day to conduct a variety of different online activities. Just in case you were not aware, they are 100% free.

Disk Cleanup

You should cleanup your disks in order to make more room on your computer. After the cleanup is conducted, you will be shown a variety of different files that can be deleted in order for there to be more space. You click on the ones that you want to delete and that’s all. You will notice that your Internet speed will boost if you opt for your computer to undergo disk cleanup.

Keep Software Updated

A lot of users tend to ignore software update notifications for a long time. By doing this, the only thing that will come to rise is that of you not being able to see certain websites. Site owners are always on the hunt for the newest technology that is out there in order to upgrade their site with it. If you are not up-to-date, you will not be able to take advantage of what a lot of sites have to offer. As soon as you notice that a message pops-up, indicating that there is a new version of a software, update it as soon as possible. Do not wait!

Keep Computer in Cold Space

A lot of people forget this, but it is important to keep a computer in a cold space so that it can function rapidly and adequately every time. Warm spaces only make computers run slow.

Put Tips to the Test!

The previously mentioned tips can definitely make the most of your computer. Put them to the test so that you can see for yourself!

The 411 on Data Recovery

Losing data can definitely be a very frustrating issue, but it can be solved. There are a lot of programs out there that state to be able to recover lost data, but actually, you can recover it for free. All you have to do is click the start button and then clicking on ‘Computer.’ You should then navigate to the folder that used to contain the folder or file, conduct a right-click and then click ‘restore to previous versions.’  Well…

at least in some situations it is that easy and simple. But the reality is that in other cases, a do it yourself job is not possible or feasible. At which point you should contact a professional data retrieval expert. If you don’t already have a recommendation, perform a quick google search for the city that you are in such as if you are in Miami, use the search query Data Recovery in Miami, to find the top listings. You can then call each one to obtain a estimate for the service. In order to never become a victim of data loss, there are a few things that you should take into consideration (below).

Back-up Data

Many people opt to forget about backing their data, which is a real insurance to keep data intact in case of loss or deterioration of the equipment.

Utilize Secure Passwords

Do not expose the data with an unsecured or passwords that easy to figure out. Many users use the name of their pets as their passwords. This is a risk, since cybercriminals often use that possibility between their first attempts.

Don’t Click on Unknown Links

Symantec recommends not clicking on links that promise strange prizes or flights not previously purchased. Despite constant warnings from security companies, such scams continue to be effective for cybercriminals. Besides being able to get into your data and thus make you lose it, you can also become a victim of ransomware, hence the importance of staying alert and to do your homework before clicking on any link that has caught your eye. You have to make sure that it is 100% safe to click on it. If you are not sure if it is or not, it is best to pass on it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Utilize Secure Wi-Fi Connection

Do not take confidential information from work systems. Many people decide to take work home, without being aware of the danger involved. Also related to the corporate environment, it has been noted that the use of unsecured Wi-Fi connections is always dangerous, but especially if they are used to send work documents. For this reason, it is important to always utilize a secure Internet connection. It is best to wait until you get to a secure place than opting to conduct your work with the aid of a restaurant’s Internet connection.

Only Download Secure Applications

This practice is quite common and often leads to a lack of control over the permissions that are given to applications. Users download apps without being aware of the danger that this can generate for the security of their data.

Tablet and Smartphones Also Need Passwords

It is common to have a password to access a computer, but not everyone does the same with their tablet or smartphones. Studies indicate that this is the seventh cause of data loss around the globe.

Be Careful with Requests

Do not accept friend requests on social networks from people you do not know. By accepting such requests, the unknowns are given access to published information, which in many cases amounts to a part of the users’ privacy.

Take Proper Precautions

If you follow the previously mentioned to a ‘T,’ you’ll never suffer from data loss, as you will have taken the proper precautions!

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a tool for management of and collaboration that is developed by Microsoft. It is a content and intranet management system which is used for internal coordination of an organization. SharePoint consist of set of technologies that are multipurpose which integrates with office 365 and handy document management capacity. The SharePoint technology allows people to share different files. SharePoint is not a single program but a platform for different types of programs. It is not a software program that one purchases and install on a personal computer. However SharePoint is back-end system that links all the personal computers of all employees and other mobile devices enabling them to synchronize and communicate their efforts. The main objective is to allow for coordination of activities of all employees spread across various regions.

The major uses of SharePoint are to ensure storage of documents in a suitable format and coordinate the activities of an organization such that anybody receives crucial information which is relevant. There are several benefits attributed to the use of Microsoft SharePoint in an organization. First, it ensures constant communication between the staff members. It also brings together the context around the folders and documents. In addition, Microsoft SharePoint allows for centralized storage of the information and encourages collaboration within an organization.


Microsoft SharePoint has also a share of challenges. First, it does not support acceptable standards in some industries especially in relation to documents for historic or legal reasons. Another problem of Microsoft SharePoint is to customize out of the box with the third-party solutions. Some business organization will not be able to get whatever information they need out of the box. However, a third party solution can be important in aiding you build whatever you may want.

In the successful implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, there are key steps that must be undertaken. What you do before its implementation determines its successful implementation thereafter. You can consult SharePoint support team or anybody whom you can do business analysis with. The first key to successful implementation of Microsoft SharePoint is to perform business analysis and assess all the requirements. Secondly, determine which SharePoint model suits your needs. This will help you avoid buying SharePoint software that is not compatible with your organizational needs. Lastly, it is necessary for you to train your staff on how to use Microsoft SharePoint. The skills on the use of SharePoint are essential for its successful implementation.

Adoption of Microsoft SharePoint in a business organization helps ensure high productivity and enhances collaboration. This technology is vital in an organization and is key to its success. Therefore, for excellent coordination in an organization, SharePoint will be an essential tool.

How to Learn To Repair a Computer

An abnormality occurring in the integrated components of a computer will be harmful to its performance, but some minor computer issues can be handled without looking for an IT technician. Below are some of the steps you can use to fix your computer if it has just a minor problem.

Method 1: Computer freezing

A computer may freeze due to software or hardware issue, therefore you supposed to know the reason behind it. The issue maybe as a result of you connecting the hardware peripheral such a scanner or printer; then the problem may be due to driver conflict, or the issue may occur after you have installed a new hard drive, then the issue there may be as a result of too much heat or insufficient power. You have to follow the troubleshooting procedure below to repair your computer.

1.Give your computer a bit of rest-if you like leaving your computer on every time, you can fix the problem when you turn off the computer, then unplug it, then hold down the power button for at least thirty seconds as the computer remains unplugged, you then re-insert the battery, plug the computer back in and power it on. If you cut off the power to the motherboard, it enables the hardware to reset and clear the memory.

2.Determine if your computer becomes too hot-always remember to shut down your computer at any time you’re not using it, and also unplug it from the power socket.

3.Diagnostics- many computer models now come along with in-built diagnostics that can tell you if your computer has some issues. Two major brands that have these diagnostic options are Compaq/HP and Dell. Always ensure that you are well versed with these diagnostic features as they will help you fix your computer if it has minor issues.

4.Open your computer cabinet and check the temperature of metal chassis-if it turns out to be hot, then it has some heat related issues. You can fix this by examining gently the rear and front fans then blowing out dust if there is any. You can also use a clean cloth to dust out the hidden particles.

5.Inspecting your computer Device Drivers- many a times if you doing windows update, the system may download and install a bad driver-this may cause the computer to freeze. Check the status of your drivers from Device Manager, and if any of the devices contains a yellowish exclamation that is next to them then it has some error. Unplug the USB devices if any and see if the error goes away. If it is so,then the device is the problem. You can connect your computer to the power and see if it works, in case it does, then you safe; otherwise you should restore your computer to an earlier configuration.

6.Access the System Restore at the Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore- to try restoring the settings that you might have changed.

7.Always inspect your hard disk.-use the Windows utility CHKDSK to always scan and remove any bad sectors from your computer. This will help in maintaining your computer.

8.Installing and running the best antivirus and anti-malware program


Method 2: Blue Screen of Death and No Boot

  1. No Power-if your computer fails to power on completely, and then the problem lies with the motherboard or power supply.
  2. Blue Screen or No Boot- your computer may have power but you see absolutely nothing on the screen or the computer may just start to boot up and then it crushes with a blue screen. These may be as a result of several possible issues.


Try Safe Mode –in case your computer is able to boot into a safe mode then it is a hardware issue.

Test Screen – you can try to swap the monitors or plug in an external monitor for the case of laptops. Test RAM – try to carefully remove the ram and power on. Testing Video Card – in case your computer contains a removable video card, try to remove it and replace it or plug your monitor into an in-built video port if any. If none of the above works, then you should seek the services of a computer technician.


Why use Hitachi hard drives

Why use Hitachi hard drives

Hard drives are essential in the modern world. However, with a wide range of hard drives in the market today, it is difficult to choose the best and reliable one. Unreliable hard drives usually fail and if they do, they lead to data loss or expensive data recovery fees paid. Therefore, it is important to select the reliable and high quality hard drives from the trusted retail outlet. Hitachi hard drives stand out from the other hard drives due to their excellent quality and reliability. There are several factors that you need to consider when purchasing hard drives. This article explores reasons why you should start using Hitachi hard drives.


Low failure rates

The reliability of a hard drive is measures by its annual rate of failure. This is the average number of failures you should expect a certain drive for the whole year. Failure occurs when we are forced to replace a hard drive in the pod. Hitachi hard drives have witnessed an incredibly lower failure rate than any other hard drive in the market today. This shows that using this hard drive will help protect your data from loses associated with hard drive failures as well as saves money used in the data recovery from a failed hard drive. You can avoid this mess by using Hitachi hard drives which rarely fail and for security of your stored content.


Durability of the hard drive measures its longevity. It is also a component used to determine the reliability of the hard drive. Different hard drive types have different lifespan. This is determined by calculating the average age in years that a hard drive can last. Hitachi hard drives have an average age of over two years which is way above that recorded for other types of hard drives.

Easy availability

Hitachi hard drives are among the highest in number in the market today. This means that they are one of the best-selling due to their excellent quality and reliability. They are available in all retail outlets in the world. Therefore, you can easily buy them in local outlets unlike other hard drives that you have to look for them for a long time before you can find them.

Hitachi hard drives are inexpensive

Most hard drives in the market are costly. On the contrary, the Hitachi hard drives are relatively cheap despite their amazing high quality. This is one of the reasons you should starting using this hard drive in order to save you money.

Whereas the market is flooded with different types of hard drives, Hitachi hard drives beat them all in terms of quality and reliability. The above mentioned reasons should be able to convince you to start using Hitachi hard drives.